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Share an Asset Trip by Email Link

To share an asset, simply refer to the 'Share' button located above the asset list, once your assets are selected.

Trip sharing enables you to share the location of your asset with any user for a certain amount of time. 

This is great if you want to enable a client to track an important delivery or share your asset's last known location to an external user. 

To share a trip, on the homepage:

  • Click on the assets on the asset list you wish to share. 
  • Once your assets are highlighted, click on the blue 'Share' button located above the asset list. 
  • A pop-up window will appear. Type in the email of the user you wish to share the asset with. 
  • Finally, choose the amount of time you would like the location of this asset to be viewable for the user. 
  • Click 'Share'

Congratulations! You have successfully shared the location of the asset. You can now expect a token link to be sent to the user within the next couple of minutes.