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How do I view reports?

View Report is used to view and/or download current and historical information about an asset or a set of assets in a text format. This is particularly useful when reviewing the location and activity history of the device, and processing the information in a different application, such as a spreadsheet program.

The types of reports that are available depend on the particular device type(s) and plan(s) that you are using. Each report provides different information. See the following section for a description of each one. The Search options selected are used to define the required criteria for the reports.

To generate a specific type of report, simply select one of the available reports from the dropdown box. This will immediately generate your chosen report based on your search criteria.

If you change your search criteria by adding or removing devices, or by changing start and/or end dates, for instance, you will need to click GO to regenerate a new report.

Please note any report with only a few rows of data will take far less time to be generated than a report with a few hundred rows of data.