Mobile App Overview

You can download the complimentary mobile tool in the app store on your device. Due to different device formats this is for use as a general guide only.

Please note that you need to accept the terms and conditions and change your password on the desktop portal first.

Assets Map

While on the home screen select the word Map in the top right corner, next to the filter icon.


Home Tabs


Select an asset from the list, or search by name using the search bar. View the assets address at a glance or select the asset by tapping on it. The assets list can be filtered using the icon in the top right corner next to the word Map.



Any geofence created on the web portal can be adjusted here.

It is recommended that general set up, including geofences be done on the web application before accessing the mobile app for day to day usage.




If using a shared device, you can sign out here by tapping the blue Sign Out button at the bottom.


Selected Asset Map Tabs

When you select an asset from the Assets home tab it will take you “Today” map view. When the key icon is red, the ignition of the vehicle is off. When the icon is green the ignition is on. For more options use the tabs at the top of map view screen.



This is the map view which updates every 30 seconds. You can zoom in or out on the asset by pinching the map or pressing the +/ - buttons. Select the picture labelled “Satellite” to view the satellite map.  To see the current location or last stop in text, click on the key icon or return to the “Assets” page. The bar at the bottom of the page shows the assets summary for the current day.



This tab shows a summary of start and stop locations, including time. The green address is where the asset was turned on, and the red address is where turned was turned off.



To view the travel history or past route of an asset select a time frame from the list and click “Search” it will show you a map view indicating the direction, path and ignition on/off for the time selected. 30 mins or Today is most recommended to see if an asset is on route or nearby.



Here you can edit both the push notification for your phone and email notifications. Simply toggle the switch to blue (ON) or grey (OFF) to adjust your settings here.



Ignition On

  Ignition Off