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How to use the Table View feature

To access the table view, please refer to your map settings on the top left and toggle 'Table View' to on.

Table View allows you to see your assets trips but in a table format. You can then export these trips and locations in a report in either CSV or PDF. 

To access Table View: 

  • Click on the Map Settings button on the top left above the map. 
  • Toggle 'Table View' on. A new window shall now appear on the bottom half of the screen. 
  • Now select the assets you want to know the previous trip history about from the asset list. 
  • On the top right, above the map, either "Quick Search" and select a time range.
  • A report will now be generated based on the selected assets in the table. 

To export this report: 

  • Click on Map Settings on the top left.
  • Next to 'Table View' select either CSV or PDF

Congratulations, your report has been exported!