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Create a GeoPlace

A GeoPlace is a set boundary or "fence" you can input on the map to create a monitored zone for your assets.

This is done by creating a GeoFence, which is used to alert users when an asset has either entered or left the specified boundary they have drawn on the

GeoPlaces are great if you want to establish a work area your fleet should primarily stay in or out of.

How to set a GeoPlace 

In the left-side panel, under Maps, click on GeoPlaces

From here you will be able to organize all your current GeoPlaces and create new ones. To create a new GeoPlace:

  • Click on '+' GeoPlace icon on the top left of the screen
  • Fill in the details for GeoPlace as required. 

When setting up a geofence there's a field for email addresses however it is not required to submit the geofence. If you do not include it, you will not receive the emails but can still view and schedule reports.

  • On the map, fill in an address in the search bar you would like to navigate to or zoom in to your desired location. 
  • Click on the location where you would like to begin drawing your GeoFence.
  • Draw and connect the GeoFences as required then click Save on the bottom right corner. 

You can successfully added a GeoPlace, now you can view this GeoPlace in your GeoPlace's panel and update it whenever required. 

To find out how to create Geo Schedule please refer to the article here.