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GeoPlace Schedules

The GeoPlace Schedule is used to create a set time frame in which you want to see notifications for your pre-existing GeoPlaces.

To Create a GeoPlace Schedule, click on the GeoPlace under Schedules in our main panel. Here you will find a list of all your schedules you have created. To add a new Schedule, click on the '+' button located on the top right. From here: 

  • Type a schedule name
  • Select the days you would like to be notified about this GeoPlace schedule
  • Select the time frame in which you want this GeoPlace to run
  • Choose a strategy in which you would like to be notified. 
  • Click Submit, once completed. 

Now you GeoPlace schedule should appear in the list. From here you can assign GeoPlaces and edit your schedule by clicking on the ellipsis under Actions

To find out how to create GeoPlaces please refer to the article here.