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External Power Messages

Notifications labelled "External Power Disconnect" and "External Power Connect" alert you to any disconnection, and re-connection activity with devices.

Note: Plug and play devices can accidentally become loose over time. We recommend using a zip tie if you frequently experience this issue. Example: Industries that often go over rough terrain, or for drivers that frequently bump the device.


External Power Disconnect: The device has been disconnected manually or accidentally. You will need to manually reconnect the device. If this device has been professionally installed (hardwired) please contact your installation provider.


External Power Connect: The device has been recently connected. If you see this message or the disconnect message frequently back to back, please check on your device. 


These messages apply to hardwired, plug and play and well as trailer tracking units. For trailer tracking units the message refers to when they are un-tethered from the truck (power source).