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Why are my notification emails not sending correctly?

Reasons email notification(s) are not sending to the right account or not being sent at all; solutions included.

All notifications

  • Ensure the email address or addresses are correct and whole.
  • Use a semi colon to separate email addresses; only 20 e-mails maximum can be used for each action.
  • If using the default option, ensure the address is correct and whole. If address is not yours and you are the account owner, or it is incorrect: please submit a ticket to our customer support team

If it is still not working it could be an error within the email account.

  • Please, check to make sure it isn’t being marked as spam. If it is, you will need to mark it as "Not junk" so it will show up in your main inbox.

Geofence Notifications

  • If it is a GeoFence notification check to make sure that the GeoFence in question is set up
  • Assets are assigned to it
  • Alert settings have been set up, and the above "all notifications" steps have been attempted

If you are still experiencing errors after following this troubleshooting document please submit a ticket and our customer support team will happy to assist you.