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Create New Users

To Create a New User, refer to the Admin Panel located in the Main Sidebar.

In the main left-hand side panel, under Admin, click on Admin Panel

  • Under Users, click on the '+' located on the top right corner. 
  • Assign a username to the new account and fill in the user details as required. It is recommended to use the new users email as an username.
  • Assign a Role to the new user. 

For large fleets it can be helpful to make supervisors into group admins, so they manage assets and users in their assigned groups. All other users are best suited to be end users and have only their specific asset assigned to them.

  • Create a Password for the user and then click Submit.

Now you have successfully created a new user.

When creating a new user with admin permissions you will be unable to see them in the portal. Admins can not see or edit other admins, if you need assistance please reach out to support for assistance.