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Create and View Reports

Asset Reports allow you to set up custom reports catered to your fleets needs.

Being able to gather rich data from your fleet is only the first step to making successful business decisions. Our assets report page systematically sorts this data into rich information for you to make insightful decisions on.

Get key metrics such as Fleet Daily Trips, Vehicle Maintenance, Asset Location and many more. 

How To Create An Asset Report

From the main panel, under Reports, click on Asset Reports. From here:

  • Select an Asset from the Assets Drop-down, located on the top right on the page.
  • Select the type of Report you would like to run
  • Choose the start and end dates for the Report.
  • Click Run 

A report will start to generate.  An option will then be offered to either download the report as a csv file. On the specific report you will be able to get specific insights of your fleet and thus be able to make key business decisions.