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Edit Asset Details

Asset Details enables you to see your selected assets characteristics. You can also edit the name, color and type.

 To access your asset's details, on the home screen: 

  • Hover your mouse over the asset you wish to see the details of. 
  • Click on Details, located on the bottom right corner of the asset card.

Info Tab

On this screen you will find a few characteristics which describe your asset. Find the descriptions in the table below. 


Company Name The name of your company
Device The name of the device that is connected to the asset 
Trips Today  The total amount of trips that occurred for that specific date
Distance Traveled Today The total distanced covered from the trips that occurred for that specific date. 

The fleet group that this asset is assigned to. This can be assigned on the Admin Panel

VIN The Vehicle Identification Number for the asset
Engine Alert Any alerts that appear on the vehicles dashboard. 
Battery The battery percentage of the vehicle 
Odometer The distance the vehicle has traveled in its lifespan. 
Fuel Level The status of the fuel tank of the vehicle. 

Edit Tab

In this screen you can edit the details of your asset. Fill out the fields as required. Once completed scroll down and click 'Submit", located on the bottom right to save any changes.